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Like Neil Young’s Famous Rust, Digital Marketing Never Sleeps – Why Sitecore and Stylelabs is a Big, Big Deal

By January 15, 2019 No Comments

Back in the auld days launching the website was the champagne moment – job done! The site is live, bugs are gone, the team has burned hard and its time to draw breath.

Today that old finish line is the starting line – websites are more critical than ever, they are smarter than they ever were, and good one’s track and personalize around customer experience and drive relevant business outcomes.

That means that it’s no longer enough to simply launch the site – that’s when you roll up the sleeves and campaign. It doesn’t matter if you are B2B and are leading with classic thought leadership style acquisition and retention strategies, or whether you are B2C and run campaigns that drive customers to your site to purchase, drive footfall or craft brand to consumer plays.

Your site is going to be multifaceted, its going to show different and personalized stories to your customer segments, and even that will change based on where they are in the journey.

That means your site is now the end point of a digital marketing nervous system that starts with creative content and ends…well…never.

Many of you know the drill, multiple meetings, revisions, code, testing, reviews – a great deal of collaboration across disciplines.

Up until now that been mostly manual, perhaps driven by MS Project or Basecamp. Its been a disconnected process in an area where marketing speed is paramount.

That’s why it makes so much sense for Sitecore to acquire Stylelabs – the entire creative and content process is embedded in the digital marketing platform and that means optimized workflow and processes to really drive marketing speed to market.

Content is still king, more so today than ever and it makes perfect sense to optimize the collaboration required to deliver it at scale.

What does that mean? Take a look at the following – but in a nutshell it means that Sitecore lets marketers own the entire content lifecycle.

Game changer.

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