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Sitecore Symposium Optimisation Takeaways!

By October 16, 2018 No Comments

It’s been a while coming, I was so thrilled to see many excellent case studies that feature the optimization power of Sitecore in combination with its native marketing automation and integrated email tools.

It really changes the game and lets Sitecore orchestrate and manage customer touchpoints across channels – add social via Sitecore to the mix and you really do have an omni-channel solution.

A solution that really does deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time and across the right channel.

Best of all it negates the need for costly and complex integration and provides a single measurable metric to gauge marketing success.

I’ll be honest, I’ve talked to many, many Sitecore customers who use Marketo, or Eloqua, or Pardot and the one thing that always strikes me is that they use a low percentage of the power of those apps.

A bit like fishing with dynamite!

Often, it is still basically a spam-cannon. There’s no integration with the website in terms of personalization, no segmentation and a whole lot of content copying between stacks.

So, I was thrilled to see beyond the Sitecore omni-channel story and get to the bottom of real customer case studies and working solutions.

The integration of email into CMS has always been compelling – allowing you to reuse content natively, drive personalization and testing, and track a single conversion metric is powerful stuff. Finally, the ability to have a single campaign success measurement that isn’t just about “deliverability” of email, its about tracking the goal of the campaign on the website from a campaign link and having that visibility back to the originating campaign.

Sitecore Marketing Automation

Add to that the ability to tie in marketing automation which is native to the platform and all of a sudden you have true triggered emails, drip campaigns, visitor segmentation into nurture flows and a lot, lot more.

This is a huge reason to upgrade to Sitecore 9x. The marketing automation “canvas” is elegant and user-friendly and stacked with listeners, actions and decision point options.

Here’s a couple of no-brainer use cases:

  • Use marketing automation to segment visitors based on goal conversion, and change their profile and the content they see as you move them down the funnel towards conversion.
  • Use marketing automation to map the customer journey assigning engagement values and triggering micro-conversion analytics.
  • Use marketing automation to craft acquisition, nurture and retention email campaigns easily and efficiently.
  • Use marketing automation to create trigger emails that message visitors exactly when offers, products and services are “top of mind” based on content or goal consumption.
  • Create nurture flow emails based on real customer visibility.

It’s time, its time to realise the power of the integrated solution you selected as your enterprise system.

It’s time to delight your customers with “on point” messaging.

It’s time to realise your ROSI – Return on Sitecore Investment.

Take a deep breath, give us a call or email and let’s see how much business benefit you could drive simply by using the stack that you bought 😊

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