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The 3 Steps to Sitecore and Digital Marketing ROI

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Optimization – personalization, real time profiling, predictive profiling, AB testing and measuring ROI based on revenue or engagement analytics are fundamental to driving Sitecore and marketing ROI. The connected customer expects a context driven experience, and the savvy digital marketer knows he or she needs tools to optimize the on-site experience to maximize conversions.

But, how do you start? How can you enjoy low-hanging-fruit business outcomes without running a massive project in terms of cost and duration? The answer Lies in P.I.E.

P – The potential to drive revenue.

I – The importance of segment size.

E – The ease of implementation.

Click the image below to listen to a 20 minute overview of the steps you need to take to really make Sitecore drive optimization and revenue positive outcomes! The overview is designed to help you get “needle-shifting” outcomes in terms of business, so you can start your Sitecore optimization process quickly and efficiently.

The 3 Steps to Sitecore and Digital Marketing ROI 1 

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