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The One Question To Ask When Starting With Personalization

By November 5, 2018 No Comments

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should… This is a concept most of us learn early in life and as a dad of three I’m passing this principle on to my own kids. It’s so we avoid feeling bad if we eat too much Halloween candy, to not risk getting sick when walking out the house with wet hair in the winter, to avoid the freshman 15 when you go off to college with the ability to eat anything you want. There are a lot of things we can do in life but not all of them lead to the results we want. The same applies to website personalization.

Sitecore has well over 100 data driven rules to set your customers’ personalization, making it a world class tool to leverage for building websites.  However, those rules can be used in conjunction with themselves leaving us with thousands of permutations.

The One Question To Ask When Starting With Personalization 1

That’s a ton of flexibility, freedom and power; so where does one start?  Just as in life, the one question we must ask ourselves of the website, “What is its main purpose?”  

Conversions, Brand Awareness, Increase Engagement, Drive Revenue, Self-Service are all great reasons for brands to spend money on digital touchpoints with their customers.  In order to see value out of your personalization, your rules should 100% point back to the main purpose.

If calls into the sales team is the top value of the website, then personalizing any call to actions that lead your customer to do just that is where to start.  It could be argued that all content on our site is designed to do just that, lead customer to contact your company. However, when personalizing focus mainly on the content that leads your customers to the call to action.  For our example: instead of making the customer lookup a number based upon location, simply have Sitecore geo locate them and provide their geo specific number.

Every page and every section of content can be personalized for your customers but start with the ones that directly benefit your website’s main purpose.  This will ensure you are seeing the best value for your efforts.

Written by Ryan Pape
dearvo is a digital agency focused on maximizing the value of Sitecore for its customers.

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