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Your Legacy Accelerator Framework Killed your Sitecore Future, and SXA is the Answer

By November 29, 2018 No Comments

Speed to market has always been an important factor in web development. Customers always want fast efficient outcomes – and why not?

As a result, many, many Sitecore partners built an asset called a core framework or Sitecore solution accelerator that contained pre-built Sitecore components which could be rolled into projects and deployed over and over again. Smart move at the time. These frameworks had a lot going for them:

·        Single code base

·        Pre-tested functionality

·        Deliver faster outcomes, less testing

At least, that’s the promise…

But, here’s the rub – they are all custom developed, so that when a company like Sitecore makes a fundamental change as the platform evolves all those frameworks go out of date. Yikes – now you have a great number of clients that have effectively been bookended into a roadblock, and it’s a LOT of work to back them out.

Then the really bad news sinks in – the very features that make Sitecore a winning experience platform don’t work. The context marketing and optimisation baby somehow got thrown out with the bath water way back in Phase One migration.

Experience Editor? What’s that? I wish I had 10 bucks for every time I’ve heard this…

It’s a tragic and terminal situation. You simply cannot use testing, personalisation, engagement analytics, experience editor, path analyzer – and absolutely forget about Cortex or anything really advanced.

In simple terms everything you bought Sitecore to accomplish is…off the table.

Suddenly using that proprietary framework looks like a pretty big mistake. Yep, initially it was easier for the agency to build (I’ll bet they actually charged you for it), and it may have saved you a few dollars way back when, but…the jig is up now that Sitecore has very much come of age.

Your shortcut just killed the future. It’s literally an ROI-vampire stopping you from your moment in the sun.

The answer is SXA, the Sitecore Solution Accelerator, now in version 1.8 and built into Sitecore 9.1 and up. SXA delivers well over 100 Sitecore approved (and that’s key) modules designed to fast-track development using best practice standards and, well, mandated to actually work.

So, let’s say you have one of these outdated frameworks and you simply cannot enjoy Sitecore’s capability – what is your next move?

Well, you can do nothing and let your digital capability get further and further out of date and watch your technical debt increase exponentially.

Or you could use this as the moment to upgrade to Sitecore version 9.1, and have your site recrafted using SXA – truly future-proofing your investment and guaranteeing you can use the platform as intended.

Recently we came across one of these frameworks, and after much due-diligence realized it would take 3 months to pick apart and update, when completely rebuilding in Sitecore 9 was achievable in just 5 weeks.

Because of SXA.

This came with a ton of benefits apart from saving our customers investment from a dank cellar of marketing doom:

·        Absolute removal of any “technical debt” from the initial build.

·        Sitecore best practice (HELIX) is guaranteed.

·        Future upgrades will be fast and efficient.

·        Sitecore will support the clean implementation should issues arise because it strictly follows their preferred development standards and processes.

·        The full range of Sitecore capability can be utilised without issues from legacy code.

·        The author experience will be vastly improved.

Here is the Cliff-Notes version of our recent offer:

“Ok, you have a ton of custom framework legacy code in there. It’s an undocumented mess. You know this, right? It would take us months to pick it apart and upgrade, or, we can completely rebuild your site in 5 weeks and leave you with a Sitecore approved code base, using their best practice frameworks. It will be upgraded to 9.1 – and, just because we can, we will workshop and deliver personalisation, engagement analytics, profiles and initial AB tests into the new site launch. You will immediately enjoy all those features you bought, way back when.

Zero to hero – in 5 weeks.

Sound good? dearvo is what happens when a bunch of Sitecore Strategy and Technical MVP’s get together and decide the old ways of development suck, and new smarter and platform aligned processes and methodologies are ripe and ready to exploit.

Give us a call and reclaim your Sitecore investment.

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